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My name is Rachel Neve.  I am a student at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.  I am studying biology and clinical laboratory science.  I grew up just outside of the small town of Pittsville, Wisconsin, in the center of the state.


I made this webpage for my Organismal Biology class at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.  Other webpages made by biology students can be found on

I chose to make my webpage about Cuscuta pentagona because of its influence on cranberries, which are grown in central Wisconsin where I live.  Cuscuta pentagona is a parasitic weed that attacks cranberry vines.  Control of Cuscuta is still an issue, as popular herbicides don't inhibit its growth.  More research is being done on this agricultural parasite that will hopefully enable a new herbicide that will control the spread of Cuscuta in cranberry beds.

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