Image Credit to The Centre for the conservation of specialized species

Bat? Vampire? Both?

     Sunlight turns to moonlight on brisk October nights, the sight of black cats scurrying across streets, the sound of wolves howling at the moon, and the smell of dead, damp leaves seems to get people in the mood for Halloween. This time of year would not be complete without the fear of a spooky story becoming a reality. As if people running around in costumes pretending to be scary creatures are not enough to get the heart racing there are always stories told that get the mind wondering. Around Halloween one must be extra spectacle with whom he or she associates with. Are those fangs and that cape really just a costume? Vampires are humans by day but readily change into blood sucking bats at night. Vampires are impervious to death, that is unless they are caught in the light. You should be weary if your friend does not have electricity, any lighting, or a bed in their home. Does the average human sleep in a coffin or hanging upside down from the ceiling… If you find you have to convince yourself your friend’s way of life is normal, RUN, your friend is a vampire. One never knows when or where they may encounter one of these frightening creatures but what’s life without excitement and fear? Next time you hear the sound of fluttering bat wings at your window will you run and hide? Will you fear the possibility of razor sharp fangs in your neck? Vampires are impervious to death; humans are not, your life is in their hands. Vampires love to fly in through open windows at night and suck the blood from their unsuspecting victims. Next time you find yourself screaming and saddened by a spider bite, remember, that bite could be much, much worse.

     Thanks to the role the common vampire bat has had in popular culture, people have become quite weary of them. Vampires have played roles in movies such as the Twilight Saga and countless Dracula movies. Vampires are found in modern television series such as The Vampire Diaries and classic television series such as Sesame Street. There are many different beliefs and stories out there about vampires. What I have learned through my research is that many of them seem to be pop fiction but that conclusion is for you to make for yourself.