Image Credit to The Centre for the conservation of specialized species

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     Hello! My name is Alyssa Ward. I am originally from a small town in south central Wisconsin known as Marshall, Wisconsin. I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse majoring in Biology with a Biomedical Science concentration. I have aspirations to attend medical school once I have graduated from UWL. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling, and attending sporting events.

     I created this webpage for an assignment in my Organismal Biology class led by Dr. Anita Baines and Dr. Gretchen Gerrish.  My website is one of many on The theme for the semester was spooky organisms in honor of Halloween. Throughout my time in Organismal Biology I have learned about a wide variety of organisms but I chose to research the vampire bat because when I think of Halloween five things come to mind; witches, pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, and bats. Since there is a great connection between Halloween, vampires, and bats I thought the common vampire bat would be a great choice!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me at