Five Fun Facts
1. Silene latifolia is also known as the grave flower or flower of the dead in parts of Europe because of its growth around the gravesites.
2. Silene latifolia has up to seven different titles including but not limited to Silene latifolia, Silene alba, bladder campion, white campion, the grave flower, evening lychnis, and white cockle (Garden Organic, 2013)Indehiscent flower. Used with permission. Copyright © 2013 Donald Cameron..
3. The entire plant is densely hairy (Brandeis, 2004).
4. Extracts from roots and leaves of white campion are extremely toxic to mosquito larvae (OARDC, n.d).

5. Silene latifolia has dehiscent fruit, which means the fruit cracks open when it is ripe (Go Botany, 2013).

Recipe for a soap substitute made from the roots of Silene latifolia. Image made by Paige Frendahl


So Spotless
An interesting fact about Silene latifolia is its roots can be used to make a soap substitute. It works great for all your clothes if you aren't by a washing machine. Just follow the few simple steps to the right, and you will be on your way to spotless clothes (PFAF, 2012).


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