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We are currently students at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. This webpage was created during the fall 2013 section of Organismal Biology. This webpage is a research based assignment in which we were able to choose an organism that we wanted to learn more about. We decided to do our webpage on Silene latifolia because we thought it was really cool that there was a plant that could have an STD. 

Paige Frendahl is currently a freshman at UWL. She plans on majoring in Biology and English and is planning on becoming a veterinarian. For Paige's section of the website she created the pages Habitat and Geography, Interactions with Other Species, and Interesting Facts

Kirsten Anderson

Kirsten Anderson is currently a junior at UWL.  She is majoring in Biology with a concentration in biomedical science and is minoring in chemistry. She plans on going to grad school and pursuing her dreams of being a Physcians Assistant. For Kirsten's section of the website, she researched and created the pages Classification, Life History and Reproduction, and Adaptations


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