The Schizocosa mccooki is a member of the kingdom Animalia. They are also classified under Eumetazoa for being a metazoan, which simply states that the spider is a multicellular eukaryotic organism. The S. mccooki are bilaterally symmetrical so it is classified under Bilateria. Next S. mccooki is in Protostomia for being a protostome and typically accommodate three germ layers. The S. mccooki is classified under Ecdysozoa for having the characteristic of shedding their exoskeleton. Classification under Arthropoda is defined by having a stiff cuticle made largely of chitin or proteins. Chelicerata classifies it as an Arthropod with segmented body, a chitinous exoskeleton and jointed legs. Being classified under Arachnida for being an invertebrate having eight jointed legs. The S. mccooki is under the Araneae order for being a spider. The wolf spider is classified under Lycosidae, which is the Latin word for “wolf.” Schizocosa defines the female genital opening called the epigynum, which is a stiff plate located near the abdomen. Lastly Schizocosa mccooki is the formal scientific name of this certain wolf spider.

Phylogenetic Tree: Alex Kirchner

                                         Phylogenetic Tree: Tommy  


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