The S. mccooki has had to form a reproductive courtship. As with any other species, depending on how well the S. mccooki accomplishes predation and consumption is determinant on the reproductive success of the species and future generations. The more an individual consumes the more likely that individual will survive and reproduce. The reproductive cycle begins with the male S.mccooki courting the female. The courtship of the Schizocosa mccooki are visual and rhymic rituals played out in a dance to win over the female. The male courtship of the species Schizocosa mccooki usually consists of seismic components, which is various combinations of rubbing body parts, reverberating sounds and drumming, and waving their legs. Male S. mccooki have a black pigmentation on their femora (Hebets, 1996) this black speck is used to attract a female to mate with. The multistep mating process begins with the male hoisting his body into the air then lowering it, as if he were going to do a push-up; this push-up produces a “click” that can be heard by the human ear, and is produced by the process known as stridulation. Stridulation is the grating or chirping noise made by some insects by rubbing body parts together (Merriam-Webster, 2013). Courtship thus continues onward, with the occurrences of pedipalp drumming, the pedipalp is the second pair of appendages attached to the cephalothorax of most arachnids (Lowrie, 2013). The last tradition to the three-step courtship is the release of the extended leg waves; the male raises his forelegs and lowers them to the ground as if waving his arms towards the female. The S. mccooki tend to practice the act of monogamy and stay with the partner for the entire lifespan.Consent From Peter J. Bryant University of California, Irvine

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