Schizocosa mccooki

                             Schizocosa mccoki

        In this vast earthen and aqueous planet, there are millions of species, and if we want to be more specific, there are roughly nine million different species. This website is focused on one of those nine million species in particular. The species that is the focal point of this website is the spider Schizocosa mccooki. This spider has a very wide domain, ranging from the western region of the United States, the meadows of California, to the eastern coast of the United States, near the coast of Lake Erie (York, 1976). The size of this spider can range from 1cm- 8cm in length and often has a coloration of gray, brown and black with diffent patterns for every spider (York, 1976). The S. mccooki has 8 eyes situated in three rows, with four smaller eyes situated at the front of the head and four larger eyes arranged in a square atop the convex of the head (Simon-Brunet, 1994).  Although the information present on the Schizocosa mccooki is limited, it is still vastly intriguing to say the least, some may say that this makes it all the more interesting to study. The Schizocosa mccooki is commonly known by their other name as the wolf spider, (Or as being one of many “Wolf Spiders”). Unfortunately, information available on the S. mccooki is limited, therefore some of the information in the website pertains to the Lycosidae family as a whole. 

                                      Consent: Peter J. Bryant, University of California, Irvine

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