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Enypniastes eximia are inhabitants of a type of lifestyle called the pelagic lifestyle meaning living in open oceans or seas (Ohta, 1985). The organism relies on this habitat for many of its biological functions such as locomotion, food ingestion and digestion, and reproduction. For this reason, this species of Enypiastes have not been discovered to live in other habitats. Geographically this organism is prevalent in most open sea.


Enypniastes eximia spend the majority of their time hovering a few meters above the sea floor and the rest of their time on the surface. They feed and walk on the bottom of the sea floor (Ohta, 1985). E. Eximia uses turbidity currents for locomotion. These turbidity currents are highly unstable which indicates that these organisms have the ability to survive in unstable environments (Ohta, 1985). Sometimes the environment they live in can be very dark and makes it hard for the organism to recognize predators, so they use bioluminescence as a predator indicator (Robinson, 1992). Learn about bioluminescence on our adaptation page.  To learn more about other animal that live in this ocean habitat with the swimming sea cucumber click on the following links: the clownfish, Atlantic cod, and the blowfish !




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