BIO 203


The Enypniastes eximia does not have specific predators, but it does have a way to deal with a predator if they ever run into one. This animal uses some tricky techniques to avoid predators to try to avoid getting eaten.

The first thing that the swimming sea cucumber does is use its swimming ability, which many other species of sea cucumber are not able to do. It has accelerated speed and is able to swim in n exaggerated motion to avoid predators. The swimming sea cucumber also has the ability to use bioluminescence. This bioluminescence is almost thrown onto a predator, so they can easily see its now glowing skin (Solis-marin et al., 1882). This then allows the cucumber to identify the predator, and move away. The light production is produced when physically contacted; either by another animal or human. Also when touched, the skin is able to be sloughed off in a bright cloud (Robinson, 1992).  
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