BIO 203


The swimming sea cucumber has a very interesting way of reproducing offspring. Unlike many other sea cucumbers the Enypniastes eximia reproduces by giving live birth.
There are many reasons this cucumber does this. If the swimming sea cucumber were to lay eggs or release eggs/sperm in the ocean the two may never meet due to the swift current that lays directly above the sediment, where they feed. This way of reproducing “suggests poor dispersal ability during the early development stages” (Ohta, 1985). This is advantageous to do, so as many offspring as possible grow into maturity. The adult swimming sea cucumber is around 7-17cm and the juvenile sea cucumber is just a measly 2 cm long (Robinson, 1992).  Many other animals also give live birth, such as the orangutan. If you are wondering what type of animal does not give live birthor learn about an animal that does not give live birth, you can learn about the blue winged teal's reproductive strategies.



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All photos used by permission. See References for original source.