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December 3rd, 2013
Organsismal Biology (203), University of Wisconsin- La Crosse


 This website is an assignment for our Organismal Biology course that is taught by Dr. Gretchen Gerrish and Dr. Anton Sanderfoot.  Everyone got into pairs and got to pick one interesting organism, research it, and create a website with all of the information we learned.  One of the reasons we decided to pick the dik-dik was because it was an interesting, petite antelope, that both of us did not know a lot of information on.  Also, it is a wild animal from Africa that you can purchase and raise as a pet. How cool!

 My name is Chelsie Richards, and I am from Plymouth, Minnesota.  I am currently a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.  I am currently majoring in Biomedical Science and Pre-PA with a chemistry minor. Not only am I a full-time student, I am also on the gymnastics team here at La Crosse.  Other than school and practice, I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends, watching movings, and being outdoors. The two topic pages that I researched was the adaptations, interactions and habitat/geography.

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Alexis Cherrier: Interactions, Classification, Reproduction, Adaptations
From Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Double majoring in Biomedical Science and Pre-Medicine. You can reach me at

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