Habitat & Geography

Chauliodus sloani inhabits the deepest parts of the ocean, between 450 to 2700 meters (1,500-9,000 feet). Like many other deep-sea organisms, Chauliodus sloani often moves closer to the surface during the night-time, where there is more food available. Chauliodus sloani is believed to inhabit all tropical to temperate ocean waters, not including the Indian Ocean. Chauliodus sloani lives with other viperfishes, as well as other organisms that have adapted to live at such great depths. Some of these organisms are: the gulper eel, rattail fish, saber-tooth fish, sea pig, giant tube worm, giant squid, and thermophillic bacteria. Chauliodus sloani is believed to be a secondary and tertiary consumer in its niche, which means it is a carnivore.

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