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In The Beginning...


The Venus Fly Trap is a plant of many names, few of which are "Fly Trap Sensitive", "Tipitiwitchet", and "Miraculum naturae." 

The credit of its discovery is given to Governor Arthur Dobbs of North Carolina.  He was the first person to describe this plant.  He wrote a letter to Mr. J. Ellis explaining its unique capability to eat insects and other small organisms. 

Venus Fly Trap trying to capture a spider
Photo - Carnivorous Plant Dionaea by Makoto Honda

This new feature was first introduced to botanists through Dobbs letter.  In fact, Carl Linnaeus even rejected this absurd finding upon the study of a dead Venus Fly Trap.  However, after further examination of a live specimen, Ellis convinced Linnaeus of Dobbs hypothesis.                                  

What's In A Name?

Venus, the goddess of love


Now Ellis was left with the difficult task on naming the species because as far as he knew, it was one of a kind.  Based on the beauty of the Venus Fly Trap, he named the plant Dionaea

According to Greek mythology, Dione is the mother of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.  In addition, Roman mythology viewed Venus as the goddess of love,(shown in the sculpture to the left).

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