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Abaxial : External

Active steel-type trap : Trap with two rectangular-shaped lobes joined at the midrib with open with stimulation and close to encase prey

Adaxial : Internal

Bactericide : Agent that destroys bacteria

Basal Placentation : One or more ovules are attached to the bottom of the ovary

Blade : Broad portion of a leaf

Carpel : Female reproductive unit in flowering plants

Compound Pistil : Consists of two or more fused carpels

Cotyledon : Seed leaf of an embryo of a plant

Ecotone : Transition area between two types of habitats

Dicot : Have embryos with two cotyledons, flower parts in multiple of fours or fives, major leaf veins reticulated, and secondary growth often present

Double Fertilization : The union in flowering plants of two  nuclei.  One sperm nucleus unites with the egg to form the diploid zygote, from which the embryo develops, and the other units with two polar nuclei to form the triploid, primary endosperm nucleus

Free-central placentation : The arrangement of ovules on a central column that is not connected to the ovary wall by partitions.

Gametophyte : A plant or phase in a plant's life cycle that bear and produce gametes

Monoecious : The female and male reproductive structures are on the same plant

Monotypical : Genus only has one species

Midrib : The central, and usually most prominent vein or a leaf or leaf-like organ

Petiole : The slender stem that supports the the blade of the leaf

Pocosin : Swamp or marsh area

Primary Root : Dominant root that grows deep into the soil

Protandrous : Anthers mature before the stigmas are receptive to the pollen

Root Hair : Tiny outgrowth on roots that increase surface area needed for absorption of water and nutrients

Rhizome : A horizontal underground stem that can send out both shoots and roots.

Savannah : Grassland area with scattered trees

Scape : Tall flower stalk

Sepal : A member of the green outer whorl of non-fertile parts surrounding the fertile organs of a flower

Sporophyte : The spore producing plant generation

Stamen : A male organ of the flower consisting of a filament and an anther

Stellate Trichomes :  Tiny hairs on the abaxial surface of the trap that may trigger closure


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