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This Is The Life
Life Cycle

During the first year, the seed becomes a tiny seedling (shown below).  The seedling can develop a functional trap once the trap reaches the length of 1-2 millimeters. 

During the second year, its first dormancy period will occur.  Next, the plant grows to be an inch wide with traps 3/8 of a inch long. 

Venus Fly Trap seedling
Photo - Carnivorous Plant Dionaea by Makoto Honda

During the third year, the plant continues to grow to about 2 inches tall.  The traps develop into 1/2 inch wide with the ability to catch larger prey.  At this point, some of the plants may begin to flower between mid-May and early June.  (For more information about flowering look at the Adapt to Trap page).

Between the fourth and sixth years, the Venus Fly Trap reaches maturity and has the ability to flower every year.  During this time, they may begin to split underneath the soil by rhizomes which have the ability to produce new bulbs to generate a new Venus Fly Trap.


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