Psilocybe cubensis

Fun Facts

I chose this particular organism because to me this kind of fungus relates to people and their social life everyday along with problems people have in society with this drug. What is interesting about relatives of P. cubensis is that there are many different strains of P. cubensis and different kinds of fungi that are hallucinogenic to humans.

Many native tribes around the world use psychedelic mushrooms today as a ritual. 

P. cubensis is the most common and cultivated magic mushroom in the world.

Slang names for psychoactive mushrooms are mushrooms, magic mushrooms, mushies, shrooms, boomers, psilocybes, cubes, liberty caps.

When people think of hallucinogenic mushrooms they think of vibrant colors and distorted art. Here are a few pictures that may get you thinking about psychedelic mushrooms.


Picture by Anonymous Copyright 2005