Psilocybe cubensis

Habitat & Geography

Photo by Photohound copyright 2007 Wikipedia Commons

The map above shows where P. cubensis resides. Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Habitat: According to the map above, P. cubensis lives in many different countries as well as continents. Because of this mushroom being so abundant, there are many different strains. The niche for these magic mushrooms follows where cattle and cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis) migrated. P. cubensis has a wide range of parameters and will aggressively aggregate. This mushroom grows from February to November and needs to be in either cow dung or in a rich pasture soil and as the map shows above this type of mushroom prefers to fruit in warmer climates.

             The main types of organisms that live with P. cubensis are cattle, cattle egret, and the Crested Caracara. Both the cattle egret and the Crested Caracara helped germinate the mushroom by turning the feces over or moving the feces to find food.

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