The aye-aye is found only on the island of Madagascar, typically in the eastern rainforest. They are also found in southeastern Madagascar. The only region not known to be occupied by aye-ayes is the southwestern portion of the island.  They live in many different rainforests on this large island. This animal lives in the treetops most of its life and rarely comes down. It is a nocturnal primate, so during the night, it forages for its food over a large area.

Primate Info Net, Wisconsin NPRC

The aye-ayes have been known to have a very diverse habitat. They have been found in rain forests, deciduous forests, littoral forests, and even plantations. Swamps have even been seen with aye-ayes occupying them. Within these habitats, aye-ayes build oval nests high in the tree tops. Aye-ayes usually occupy several nests throughout their life and even several in a matter of days.