The Aye-Aye have a very diverse diet. They are considered omnivores. They eat some fungus, fruits, cankers on trees, nuts, nectar, and they thing they love most is beetle larvae, which lie underneath woody surfaces such as trees. To eat these larvae, they gouge at the bark with their long fingers, special adapted for their nutritional habits. They also will gnaw away the wood with their large front teeth to get at their food source. Another thing that the Aye-Aye has been known to do is raid coconut plantations. Their diet seems to change with the habitat that they are living in. If an aye-aye inhabits a place near a coconut plantation, that will most likely be their staple food source. Their diet also changes a lot with the seasons. In the cold wet seasons, where many of their food sources may not be plentiful, they rely more on cankers for a food source.

Check out this video of an aye-aye searching for food!