Interactions with other species

photo taken from www.wikipedia.orgWhat happens when you don't guard your nest...

The Galápagos Hawk (Buteo galápagoensis) is a predator of the Sula nebouxii chicks. Typically the hawk will not capture a chick until it is at least 40% of its maximum weight. When they do hunt, the more isolated nesting areas are more at risk. Hawks need room to maneuver and make the kill.

Blue-footed Booby chicks are at higher risk of hawk attacks during the day when they are left unattended. Hawks will select more isolated nests to make their attack.

When hawks target nests with more than one booby chick, the younger one is often the one who will be killed. Yet another advantage to the older chick has. To read more about first birth advantage click here.
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Another potential predator would be owls. However owls are active and hunting at night. Blue-footed Booby chicks are normally not left unattended during the night hours and are therefore not at a high risk for owl attacks.

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Don't set your plate down...
Or open your mouth... The Frigatebird is also a threat to the Blue-footed Boobies. The Frigatebird will bully Boobies while they are in the air after feeding in order to steal the booby's recently acquired food. The Frigatebird is also found on the Galapagos Islands.

Would you like your eggs done over easy?
So far we have learned how both chicks and adults have been vulnerable to attack. Booby eggs are also targeted by predators. Gulls, specifically the Kelp Gull and Heermann's Gull will fly over nests and steal eggs and chicks.

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Boobies interact with humans in that they are often caught up in fishing nets or gear. They are also affected by humans because their prey is overfished.

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