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Dive in, The water's fine!
Blue-footed Boobies feed almost entirely on fish, which they catch by plunge-diving. They will also pick up flying fish in the air. Squid may also be an occasional treat. Blue-footed Boobies typically dive in shallow waters at heights of 45 feet or lower. However Red-footed and Masked Boobies are know to dive at distances as great as 300 feet.

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Blue-footed Boobies in particular have longer tails than the Red-footed or Masked Boobies. This makes them better at maneuvering underwater. When chasing fish underwater, Sula nebouxii will use their wings to give them the burst of speed they need.

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I spy with my little eye...
Boobies have adapted great binocular vision in order to sense (see) their environment. They need this kind of vision in order to pick out prey in the air and then dive on target into the water. They are also able to see underwater, as they swim after fish, due to the large size of their eyes. Females appear to have larger pupils than male Boobies. To recall a photo depicting this on the home page, click here.

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Dinner Time! Don't be late
Sula nebouxii will hunt together in flocks as seen in this picture, especially if one has discovered a school of fish. They will then dive together, but do not eat together. Favorite feeding times are in the early morning and late afternoon.

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Boobies will eat their meals underwater or on the surface but do not fly with the fish in their beaks. They will regurgitate the food back up for their young when they reach the nest. Or if one is unfortunate enough to come across a Frigatebird, regurgitation may happen sooner than later. To read more about this interaction click here

Have a heart...

To transport the nutrients, birds in general have a circulatory system much like mammals with a four chambered heart. Birds' systems have higher pressure and larger hearts than most other animals (relative to body size).

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