About the creator

Orca Kwong

Hi Everyone!! I am Hoi King Orca Kwong from Hong Kong.

I am an International student with biomedical science and pre-veterinary major at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am currently a freshman.

This is my first web site ever. I was so excited about making this website for the Organismal Biology class for Sping 2008 at University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.

I chose to do cat fleas for my Organismal Biology class because I love cats. However, the organisms living on cats affect them and brother me. I want to learn more about them and pass the information top the public. Hopefully this web-site about cat fleas can give me credits for getting into a veterinary school.

If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to contact me at kwong.hoi@students.uwlax.edu


Special Thanks

Thanks for Dr. Tom Volk, Professor at University of Wisconsin- La Crosse and the creator of multipleorganisms.net, giving me the opportunity to create this site.

Also, thanks Dr. Greg Sandland for sharing his knowledge throughout the semester.

Thanks to Dr. Travis Einertson, veterinary at Heritage Pet Hospital, for giving me the opportunity to job shadow him and share his knowledge.