Cat flea under microscope



Size: .5 mm
Color: white
Shape: oval
Texture: smooth 
Description: Cat fleas egg have dry and smooth surface so they can easily fell off hosts hair. However, their white color and tiny size make it almost impossible to see on floor or carpet.

 LarvaFlea larva found on public domain\

Size: 1.5-6.0 mm
Color: slender, straw-colored, brown head
Shape: wormlike, bristle creatures
Description: Larva doesn't have eyes, legs. They are covered with few hairs. They possess dark guts, visible through their thin transparent exoskeleton.


Color: silky
Texture: sticky
Description: Larva spins into a silky cocoon before they develop into adult flea. Since the surface of pupa is sticky, dirt can stick to the surface to give protection. 

Found on free domain\ 

Adult Flea 

Size: 1-3 mm
Color: reddish brown to black
Shape: laterally compressed, wingless
Description: Adult fleas have 3 pairs of leg. Their hind pair of legs is modified for jumping. They can jump vertically up to 7 inches and horizontally 13 inches. Unlike most other insects who have compound eyes, fleas have either simple eyes or no eye at all.



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