About The Author:
Christina Manelli

picture courtesy of Chistina Manelli    I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, but Maple Grove, MN is still the place I call home. I come from a fairly large family as I am one of four children, three of them being boys, making mepicture courtesy of Christina Manelli the only girl. I am very active and I love to play just about any sport. I have competed with danced and figure skating and played softball but my main sport is gymnastics. I have been competing with gymnastics since the age of 11. 


     I made this webpage as a requirement for my organismal biology (BIO 203) course. The reason why I picked this organism is because I love raspberries. At my house in Minnesota, my mom has a raspberry patch in out backyard and it was always the ritual to have to go out into the garden and pick the raspberries. This was an almost daily chore at my house when I was a child. When mpicture courtesy of http://www.boostjuicebars.com/images/content/L_3B_020-raspberry.jpgy mom found out that I would pick the raspberries by eating four or five of them and then placing one or two of them in the bowl, she was a little upset. She had always wondered why my bowl was always so empty, but that day she knew the real answer. From that day on, I was not allowed to pick the raspberries anymore. Most children would be happy by this, but I was quite the opposite.

page made spring 2008