The basics

   Domain: Eukaryapicture courtesy of
Rubus strigosus


   The American raspberry is a member of the domain eukarya because it contains a nucleus and because its cells are organized into membranes. Eukaryotes also have a compartmentalized cell structure. This domain is also contains all animals and plants. The American raspberry is in the kingdom plantae because they photosynthesize and they have an alternation of generation. They are also a part of this kingdom because of the green color that their leaves display, which is caused by the chlorophyll. They fit under the phylum anthophyta because of the distinct feature of a flower, which aides in their reproduction. They share this phylum with many other organisms, including the Venus fly trap. The American raspberry falls under the class of eudicotyledones because it is a woody, flowering plant. Rosales is this species order because they display flowers with five petals and they also have a stem with thorns on it. Many rosales are grown for fruit or other products. The American raspberry is in the family rosaceae because it is a shrub plant and it bears small fruits, each of which has a fleshy medium and which can be eaten. It also displays alternate leaves and stipules. This is also the known as the rose family and has about 3,000 to 4,000 species in it. The genus for the American raspberry is rubus because it is a flowering plant that has woody picture courtesy of and thorns or prickles on the stem. It is also apart of this genus because the berries that it produces appear to be tiny droplet that all aggregate together. And finally, the species name of Rubus strigosus. It got this name because it is a perennial plant that bears biennial stems from a perennial root and because its leaves always come in three's or five's.