Habitat & growth

   This particular species of raspberry is most commonlyphoto courtesy of http://www.geocities.com/ojitofarm/raspberries.jpg seen and is native in North America, though it has been seen in Europe and Japan. Raspberries are a mid summer crop and need ample sunlight and water for maximum development. The best habitat for raspberries is a deep well-drained soil, that has a good water holding capacity and high organic matter content. It requires full exposure to sunlight for best results and needs good air circulation, but not excessive wind. Fertilizers can be helpful for the raspberries but keep the fertilizers heavy in nitrogen to a minimum as well as over-irrigating, as raspberries are lush growing.

picture courtesy of http://images.jupiterimages.com/common/detail/30/20/22572030.jpg    Raspberries are traditionally planted in the winter or in the dormant months. They are often grown in fields or in forests clearings. In the first year of growth, they will produce no flowers and is un branched with no leaves. In its second year of growth, is when the plant displays no growth and but does produce many side shoots which bear many leaves. These plants will then flower in the spring and produce ripened berries in the summer. The ripened fruit is ready for picking when it has turned a deep red and falls off of the stem when it is touched.