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Hello everyone and thanks for looking at my webpage!

       Hello, my name is Justine Moder and I am a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, La CrosseI am originally from Northfield, MN (If you have ever heard of Defeat of Jesse James Days, you have heard of my town!  I recommend that if you visit to take a tour at the Northfield Historical SocietyI used to give tours there and it is pretty cool).  I am currently a Biology: Biomedical Concentration, Spanish, and Pre-Physician Assistant major with a minor in Chemistry. I hope to go onto PA school right out of college and hopefully specialize in surgery (right now my interests are cardiac and orthopedic surgery) or work in an Intensive Care Unit. In my spare time (besides doing homework), I enjoy swimming, softball, and playing badminton. And I can never get enough Packer football or Twins baseball!

      I created this webpage for my Organismal Biology class (BIO 203) at UW-La Crosse.  I chose to do my webpage on E. coli  because I'm very interested in pathogenic bacteria and what it does to the human body.  I also found it interesting how one little organism can cause so many different diseases in humans and the vast array of information that can be found on this particular organism!

If you have any questions for me or corrections for this site, please email me at

Picture by my best roomie Amanda
Me after winning Women's A Doubles intramural badminton last spring
Picture thanks to my good friend Kyra!

At a swim meet last fall


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