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Interesting Facts

What other AMAZING, [insert your own adjective here] things can we learn about E. coli?

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Retrieved from Microsoft ClipArtEscherichia coli was discovered by Theodor Escherich in 1885 after isolating it from the feces of a newborn.  At first it was described as Bacterium coli commune, but then it was later named Escherichia coli (named for Escherich... who would've thought?).  It wasn't until 1935, however, that it was found that E. coli was the cause of diarrhea in newborns!

Retrieved from Microsoft ClipArtHere is a list of some Biochemical characteristics of E. coli:

Characteristic Reaction
Lactose 37oC Acid+, gas+
Lactose 44oC Acid+, gas+
Indole 37oC Usually produced
Indole 44oC Usually produced
Mannitol Fermentation +, usually with gas
Methyl-Red +
Voges-Proskauer -
Citrate -
Urea No hydrolysis
H2S No blackening
Lysine Decarboxylase +
Gelatin Liquefaction -


 Retrieved from Microsoft ClipArtThere are 700 serotypes of E. coli based on O, H, and K antigens.


Retrieved from Microsoft ClipArtAre you interested in learning more about the E. coli Genome Project Click Here

Retrieved from Microsoft ClipArtHere are some more AWESOME electron microscopy pictures, thanks to Dennis Kunkel. © Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.  Used with permission

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Retrieved from Microsoft ClipArtThe author of this site spent ~30 hours on this website (I know that isn't related to E. coli, but it is interesting).


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