How has the Green Rough-Backed Puffer Fish Adapted to its Environment?
 Image found at Picasa Web Albums
The Green Rough-Backed Puffer Fish lives in a marine environment.  This species resides in tropical and subtropical regions. It is motile and uses swimming as its means of mobility.  Compared to other fish species these tend to move slowly and have been described as sluggish fish. It has adapted to its environment by using the surrounding coral for camouflage. In order to swim the Lagocephalus lunaris uses dorsal soft ray fins and anal soft ray fins.

To ward of predators this fish species "puffs" up its belly with water. The belly is covered with prickles and can look very intimidating. The Lagocephalus lunaris is able to do this because it lacks ribs and has very elastic skin!

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As observed in the photo above, the Green Rough-Backed Puffer Fish received its common name because there are little prickles on its back that extend from the nape to caudal peduncle.

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