Check out these Super Cool Facts about the Green Rough-Backed Puffer Fish!

  • Danger!!!!! The Lagocephalus lunaris is poisonous to eat!

  • The Green Rough-Backed Puffer Fish is a delicacy to eat in Japan. The people there extract the posion, cook the fish, and dine away!

  • Approximately 100 people die each year in Japan from eating some type of Puffer Fish!

  • This species is a popular aquarium fish, but beware, the four large teeth that it uses to feed are very sharp! These animals should not be fed by hand or by little children!

  • When these fish "puff" up it is because they are stressed out and irritable. They will do this when being attacked or when they feel vulnerable. If you own this species of puffer fish or even another kind do not try to get it to puff up all of the time because this causes a lot of unnecessary stress on your marine pet!

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