Vampyrum spectrum




Domain: Eukarya - Multicellular, genetic material is in a membrane bound                                     nucleus. Contains membrane-bound organelles.

Kingdom: Animalia - Multicellular, heterotrophic, cells lack rigid cell walls.

 Phylum: Chordata - Endoskeleton, notochord(spine), three germ layers and                                       a well developed coelom.

Class:  Mammalia - Contains hair and mammary glands.

Order: Chiroptera - meaning "hand-wing" in Greek, as the structure of the                                      open wing is very similar to an outspread human hand                                      with a membrane between the fingers

Family: Phyllostomidae - means "nose-leaf" because the bat has a fleshy                                                protuberance from the nose

Genus: Vampyrum - Genus contains only 1 species (V. spectrum)

Species: Vampyrum spectrum