This page explores the many great facts to know about Cannabis sativa.  It includes facts about where this organism is found,  various adaptations that has allowed it survive and thrive, as well as the method of reproduction it undergoes.  This site will also discuss the origin of Cannabis sativa through a phylogenetic tree.  Likewise, all the uses of cannabis sativa will be explored as well as other interesting facts about the plant.  For example, did you know that not only is this a drug to smoke for recreational, and medicinal purposes, but it is used around the world for a wide array of purposes.  A couple different  uses of the plant are fibers, food, and even lotion, just to name a few.  This site will explore all of these uses and explain the different species and subspecies ideal for each use.  I hope you learn every thing you ever wanted to know about Cannabis sativa, and why I think it is such a wonderful plant.