MokshaInteractions with other species

Cannabis sativa has very few predators.  However, it is prone to a few diseases.  Pests that attack Cannabis is a root parasite, branched broom rape, a wilt disease caused by Sclerotium rolfsii, a leaf spot disease caused by Phomopsis cannabinna, and an infestation caused by cut worms.  Likewise, the plants can become surrounded and smothered by weeds, since Cannabis is unable to produce terpenes.  Also, humans harvest Cannabis for many purposes.  Cannabis can be used as a source of food, smoked for narcotic purposes, harvested for fibers, and used in a wide array of products, such as lotion, hair care, etc.  You can find some of my favorite products of Cannabis on this website

Cannabis affects humans in many ways.  When Cannabis is smoked or ingested, it produces a variety of effects on people.  These effects vary from person to person, all depending on one's mindset, expectations, and physical/psychological responses to the drug.  Cannabis causes people to laugh excessively, think more "outside of the box," and crave and eat food excessively, the "munchies," just to name a few.  People become creative and think of ideas that they never would have dreamed of without Cannabis.  Words cannot describe how one thinks  or feels while under the influence of Cannabis.  Until one experiences the effects of Cannabis for themselves, ideas, words, and thoughts of someone under the influence of Cannabis may sound odd, unusual, or even absurd, but until one experiences it for themselves, they will never understand completely.

Not only does Cannabis change people's psychological processes, but it also changes what people feel physically.  Cannabis smoking and/or ingestion brings about a feeling of great relaxation, euphoria if you will.  While experiences may vary from person to person, one feeling you may experience is that your body feels like Jello.  The body is in such a relaxed state that you don't even want to move.  You feel so great that you don't want to change a thing.

Not only do humans experience the wonderful effects of Cannabis, but other animals do as well.  A book that I have been reading contains a very interesting and true quote:

"Jays, magpies, sparrows, and canaries are relaxed and sad and do not eat.  Music awakens and animates them a great deal.  Geese are anxious and dazed.....Dogs, besides showing greater agility and extreme good humour, are greatly impressed by music, much more than in the normal state.

(Siegel and Hirschman, 1991)  (Brown, 1998. Pg. 18).

From this quote you can conclude that animals under the influence of Cannabis experience an altered state of mind and physical differences as well.