About Me

Hello!  My name is Shauna Beisker.  I have been a student at UWL for two years now and transferred there from UW-Madison.  I am majoring in Microbiology and hope to do research someday.  I did this website as a project for my Biology 203 class.  We were assigned to choose a species that somehow related to Christmas or holidays around that time of the year  I chose Cannabis sativa because I was running out of options to choose and thought it would be interesting.  The way in which I found it to relate to a holiday around Christmas, the Winter Solstice is from a tradition in Romania.  Apparently, they make a traditional confection called a turta, which is made of pastry dough, melted sugar, honey, ground walnuts, and hemp seedshome photo.  Well that is the story about why I chose Cannabis as my organism and I hope you enjoy my webpage!