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A Partridge?  In a Pear Tree?

Species of partridges, along with pheasants and quails, can be found on every continent other than Antarctica.  Unlike the popular Christmas song states, chukars are most commonly found in open habitats like semi-deserts, grasslands, or scrub (an environment with low trees and shrubbery), not in pear trees, though they can be seen in them on occasion.   


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Chukar on the Rocks by Michael Woodruff

They were introduced into North America in California in 1932 from Eurasia.  Early attempts at introducing them to the US failed.  Native to dry, south-eastern Europe and western Asia from the Balkans through Turkey, Tibet, and Mongolia, chukar partridges need semi-arid, open, rocky country to survive.  Therefore, they have done the best in parts of western United States where adequate water is handy.  They remain by water in the summer months, but during the rest of the year, they are pretty widespread.  They have also been seen, under extreme circumstances, seeking water sources as deep as ten feet below the ground in old, abandoned mineshafts.