Life History

The Dovekie's life revolves around water, they eat far out in the ocean and literally live at sea. However, when it comes time to breed the Dovekie returns to land. Dovekies prefer to nest in shallow holes in lava fields which they line with moss and lichens. (Sale 2006) The Dovekie is monogamous and usually mates for a long period of time, although the occasional divorce does occur. A single egg is laid and the single chick is reared at the nest by both parents for about a month at which point the Dovekie chick ventures to sea to begin the adult stage of its life. (Hutchins 2002)

Auks at a rookery by Alastair RaeAuks are Monogomous by Michael Haferkamp



                                                          Click on this link to hear a Dovekie's call. Interesting fact: they stay silent when at sea.

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