For those fans of the Linnaean or binomial classification system, giving an organism a two part scientific name, (Campbell 2008)  you will be happy to know that Linnaeus himself classified the Alle alle (Hutchins 2002) or, translated from Latin, Sardine sardine.  

 Kingdom - Animalia – Representatives:  Paradise Tree Snake or the American Lobster


Phylum – Chordata – Representatives:  Pacific Halibut or the Yellow Mongoose


Subphylum – Vertebrata – Representatives: Coyote or the Domestic Sheep


Class - Aves – Representatives: Ruffed Grouse or the Wild Turkey


Order - Ciconiformes - Representatives: Sandpiper or Plover


Family - Alcidae – Representatives: Puffin or Murre


Genus - Alle – Represented by only the Dovekie


Species - Alle alle

                                          For a Phylogenetic tree of Alle alle



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