Sepioteuthis lessoniana 
Bigfin Reef Squid
Sepioteuthis lessoniana


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  Sepioteuthis lessoniana, commonly known as the Bigfin Reef Squid, are marine animals that are found off the shores from the Hawaiian islands all the way through to the tropic-Pacific ocean to the Red Sea.  They are commonly mistaken as cuttlefish, but are indeed a completely different species!

  Since they tend to remain near shore lines, it is common for snorkelers to observe these creatures in their unique mating rituals and  defense mechanisms

  Sepioteuthis lessoniana are part of the Class Cephalopod within the Kindgom Animalia.  Cephalopods in general are known for their complex Fried Calamarinervous systems and elaborate defense mechanisms. 

  This warm watered squid is commonly used in biomedical research all over the world.  Sepioteuthis lessoniana can be easily transported overnight and are model organisms in neuroscience, physiological, nutrition, oncological and many other different kinds of research. This species is chosen over other because it has an enlarged axon and rates of disease and cannibalism are extremely low.

  Most people know of Sepioteuthis lessoniana as Calamari.  Restaurants all over the world serve calamari as both main dishes and as appetizers!

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