You'd better have a strong fishing rod!

Harvey, P. "495 lb. Halibut." (image). <>. Accessed 15 April 2009.To date, the oldest recorded female halibut is 42 years, and the oldest male, 27 years.  The largest recorded Pacific halibut was caught off the coast of Petersberg, Alaska; it weighed in at 495 pounds!  Here it is pictured to the right.

Harvey, P. "420 lb. Halibut." (image). <>. Accessed 15 April 2009.This giant 420-pound halibut pictured to the left was caught in Alaska as well.  It was 39 pounds away from being the largest halibut caught by a recreational fisherman.  Click here to read the angler's story. 

By now you might be imagining the size and quantity of filets a halibut this big could generate.  You're right if you're thinking big!  These fish are packed full of healthy, delicious fish meat.