A Tasty and Healthy Dish

Halibut is a popular dish on the western coast of America.  It has a mild taste, appealing to those who think that salmon is a little too "fishy.” It is comparable in texture to Mahi-Mahi, but less flakey.  Chefs like to cook halibut  because it holds together very nicely.  Next time you are out to eat, or are lucky enough to find halibut at the supermarket, give it a chance!  Not only does it taste spectacular, but it is extremely good for you, boasting a high protein to fat ratio.  Furthermore, the miniscule amount of fat that exists in a filet is Omega-3, a good form of fat that will help lower your risk of heart disease and promote overall wellness.  If you don't believe me, hear it for yourself from the American Heart Association.

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Because of its mild taste, halibut is one of my favorite types of fish.  During my research, I have found that it is a very popular dish for this reason.  Check out some recipes at at halibut.net