Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii)


                            Christmas Cactus taken by Chris Spangenberg
Flowering Christmas Cactus by Nayana Sondi


Domain: Eukarya


Kingdom: Plantae


Phylum: Magnoliophyta


Class: Magnoliopsida


Order: Caryophyllales


Family: Cactaceae 


Genus: Schlumbergera


Species: S. bridgesii



     Domain Eukarya: S. bridgesii belongs here because it is a multicellular and has membrane bound organelles and possesses a membrane bound nucleus.


     Kingdom Plantae: This includes multicellular organisms that create their own food and store it as starch. They also have cell walls that are made of cellulose.


     Phylum Magnoliophyta: This is a division of the phylum angiosperm into dicots and monocots. Magnliophyta is the dicot division where S. bridgesii belongs.  


     Class Magnoliopsida: The members of this class have two seed leaves or cotyledons and cambium tissue in their stems.


     Order Caryophyllales: The characteristic that defines this order is the free or basal attachment and arrangement of ovules in the ovary.


     Family Cactaceae: The family Cactaceae consists of plants that have a waxy outer covering, have thistle-like projections, and mostly live in dry areas.  


     Genus Schlumbergera: Schlumbergera is defined by flat, leaf-like stems and they are epiphytic cacti. 


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