Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii)


                            Christmas Cactus taken by Chris Spangenberg
Flowering Christmas Cactus by Nayana Sondi


       The reproduction of the Christmas Cactus is very similar to many other plants like the Tea Plant. It goes through an alteration of generation where the sporophyte(2n) is dominant and the gametophyte(1n) is the product of a sporophyte via meiosis. The next step involves cross-pollination via another animal or the wind. With S. bridgesii, cross-pollination typically occurs with the aid of birds in the desert. When indoors as a house plant, pollination typically does not occur because the lack of resources and other Christmas Cacti to cross-pollinate with. The cross-pollination allows for two gametophytes to combine and create a zygote(2n), which with the right environment and nutrients, will grow into a mature adult plant. To learn more about general flower reproduction, click here



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