Kingdom:  AnimaliaPenaeus setiferus found at

Phylum:   Arthropoda

Subphylum:  Crustacea

Class:  Malacostraca

Order:  Decapoda

Suborder:  Dendrobranchiata

Family:  Penaeidae

Genus:  Penaeus

Species:  Penaeus setiferus

           Animalia- Shrimp fall under the kingdom Animalia because they are multi-cellular organisms that contain a true nucleus in their cells.  They are motile and heterotrophic. 

           Arthropoda- Shrimp have a chitinous exoskeleton and segmented bodies.  They also have jointed appendages.

           Crustacacea- Shrimp have two parts to their segmented bodies.  They have a cephalothorax and an abdomen.  Shrimp also belong to the subphylum Crustacea because they have two pairs of antennae and mandibles. 

           Malacostraca- Shrimp fall into the class Malacostraca because they have six segments to their head, eight segments to the thorax, and six segments to their abdomen.

           Decapoda- As the name implies members of this order have ten legs.  Shrimp have eight pairs of appendages.  The first three pairs are used as parts of the mouth and the last five pairs are used as legs.

           Dendrobranchiata- Shrimp belong to this suborder because they have a branching gill structure.

            Penaeidae- Organisms of this Family have a lateral line of sense-like organs on their antennae.

           Penaeus- White shrimp are placed in this genus based on their genital characteristics.

           Penaeus setiferus- White Shrimp are given the species name Penaeus setiferus.  The first word of a scientific name is the genus name and the second name distinguishes the individual species in that genus.  Setiferus means that the organism has bristles.

Many classifications of organisms are based off characteristics of the organism's structure.

          Phylogenetic Tree (user photo)