Penaeus setiferus (White Shrimp) are found in the tropical waters off the coasts of Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.  White Shrimp can also be found off the coasts of North and South Carolina.  White Shrimp prefer clear waters with soft, muddy bottoms.  They also prefer living off of natural shorelines, versus bulkhead shorelines.  Natural shorelines are very helpful because they reduce erosion and slow run-off from the shore.  They act as a buffer between the shore and the water providing better water quality.  White shrimp share their habitat with many other organisms including pink and brown shrimp.  Shrimp share their habitat with other organisms such as sea cucumbers and starfish.  They also have common interactions with organisms that may not be so kind.

Gulf Coast found at http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view_rec.php?id=16642