Have you evSheepshead Minnow found at had a horrible day when you feel like everyone is out to get you?  Well, for shrimp this is an everyday experience.  Shrimp have many different predators.  Their predators consists of other aquatic organisms.  Some of these organisms are Sheepshead Minnows, Water Boatmen, Killifish, Crabs, Finfish, other Shrimp, and Humans.  Shrimp are also affected by parasitic organisms and diseases


Shrimp Trawler found at     The Baculovirus is a virus that infects shrimp.  This baculovirus is similar to the baculovirus that infects insects.  This virus infects the nuclei of the hemocytes and the connective tissues in the shrimp.  It causes protienic crystals to form in the tissues.  Now that we have learned about the dark side of being a shrimp lets learn about the fun stuff.