About Me

     Hi, my name is Hannah Stofflet.  I am a biology student at the University of Wisconsin-La CrosseI am currently a freshman with a cellular and molecular biology major.  I hope in the future to pursue a career in either Forensic Science or Pathology.  I am a very curious and energetic person.  I enjoy dissecting organisms in biology class and learning new information every day.  Aside from school I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing board games.  I also enjoy playing outdoors with my pets and family. 

Hannah Stofflet (creater photo)

     I made this webpage for my Organismal Biology class.  My Professors Tom Volk and Greg Sandland have a really awesome goal of creating a webpage for every living organism that exists.  I chose to make my webpage about shrimp because the movie Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies.  For other interesting WebPages check out one of these or choose from the lists at multipleorganisms.net. 

Asian Elephant or African Elephant- Elephants are my favorite animals but I was too late in choosing and we are not allowed to duplicate organisms.

Salmonella- This page was created by one of my close friends.  While salmonella may not seem that interesting to you the page contains a lot of very important information and a really AWESOME music video!

Peas- Peas are one of my favorite vegetables.  I like my peas fresh from the garden and still in the pod.  I share this love of peas with my wonderful roommate who made this page.

If you wish to contact me with any questions or mistakes you find my email is stofflet.hann@students.uwlax.edu.  I would love to hear your feedback and advice.  This is my first webpage and any tips to help me with future projects would be greatly appreciated!