Where In The World?

Saccharum officinarum is defined as a tall tropical southeast Asian grass having stout fibrous jointed stalks; sap is chief source of sugar.  Even though sugar cane was originally found only in southeast Asia and some other select tropical areas, European colonization of the Americas increased the spread of the distribution of sugar cane. Today sugar cane is readily grown and harvested in 121 countries throughout the world including; the Caribbean Islands, Brazil, Australia, Pakistan, China, Japan, India, and South Africa. 
Distribution of sugar cane throughout the world.

The United States is also a major producer of sugar cane.  Florida and Louisiana are among the top producers.  Hawaii, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama also contribute to distribution of sugar cane throughout the United States.  Large sugar cane plantations and factories can be found in many of these states.  Hawaii for example gives tours of their factories to many eager tourists every year. 

Distribution of sugar cane in the United States.
Well we now know where sugar cane is found, how it makes its food, and where it belongs in the grand scheme of things.  I guess now I better tell you how it makes baby sugar canes.  Follow me to Reproduction, and no the Saddle-Billed Stork doesn't drop it off on the doorstep.