Hey Look, We're Related!

Sugar cane from www.sucrose.comIt is important to understand where organisms fit in the grand scheme of things.  I made two different phylogenetic trees based on morphological traits to help further explain exactly where sugar cane fits after seeing its classification.

Made by Caylie Yessa





Above: Phylogenetic Tree of Anthophyta
Below:  Phylogenetic Tree of Saccharum officinarum starting with the phylum Anthophyta.

Phylogenetic Tree of Saccharum officinarum made by Caylie Yessa

Click on the following links to find out more information about some of the species that share a similar phylogenetic tree with sugar cane such as Helianthus annus, more commonly known as the sunflower, and Viola odorata, more commonly known as the sweet violet.  The sunflower and sweet violet both share the Phylum Anthophyta with sugar cane.

Hold on tight as we wind our way through the process of photosynthesis with Nutrition as the next stop on our journey.