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      My name is Maryam Alhumaidi. I am from Saudi Arabia. I came to USA  for studying ESL program and master degree in biology major. In 2010, I was glad because I got fulfill scholarship to University of Wisconsin La Crosse, and I  became a mother for Abdullah. I have a dream to get PHD degree in biology major and I work hard to achieve this dream in my early age.  I love since and I hope to be an important scientist in the future.

I like to spend my free time with my family and my friend. Also, I use internet a lot to keep in touch with my relatives overseas. Actually, I don’t have very much of free time; I keep busy all the time. I like traveling and reading very much.

I create this webpage for my Organismal biology course. I have to choose one organisms and talk about it. I choose Curcuma Longa because I use it a lot in my cooking, and I use it to treat myself from  stomach and headache.

I would like to give a special thanks for Agropedia IIT Kanpur,Janet L. Leopold, ,and Breen Byrnes

for giving me the permission to use their amazing  pictures.


I want like to thank Dr. Thomas Volk and Dr. Greg Sandland for their help and support.

I hope you enjoy visiting my webpage and if you have any question contact me in .


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